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I always enjoyed making toys and games for my children. Although I am not very  talented with my hands, I've always enjoyed craft work. I designed/invented many toys and games for my children and want to share with others.

Many of the toys and games are hand-made, using materials which are easy to obtain.

 I always tried to make toys which are practical. The doll house, for example, is  good for families who live in small spaces because it can be stored in a large plastic bag. The puppet stage is also collapsible, and has inserts to change the scene.  The Jingle-cheer puppet doll is fun, especially since children love puppets. The puppets have bells that make a pleasant jingling sound. There is a pocket on the back of each puppet...a place to put a special message.  The tri-corner dolls are small, simple dolls which can also be used as puppets. These dolls come with easy to use change of clothing, especially helpful to young children.

Kids love felt boards. There are many ways in which a felt board can be used.  They are especially effective in story-telling. Children who hear a felt board story  often want to tell the story him/herself using the felt pieces. This helps with oral communication. The magnetic board is also suitable for a variety of activities.

Most of the games are educational. They  reinforce certain important skills. Some of the games are suitable for adults, as they can be played on a more advanced level. Many of the games can be played in a variety of ways. My favorite games are in the POOGIES collection.  The materials  can be used in several different games  suitable  for ages 3 to adult.  For the young children, the games help with skills such as visual discrimination and memory. There is a version that help adults with their memory and concentration. It is known that exercising the brain with these sorts of activities is extremely  helpful for people of all ages.

When I was a child...perhaps 8 or 9, my father made a game for us. He took a board and knocked nails on to the surface so that they were about 3/4 of an inch high. The
board was elevated at one end. At the other end were compartments which we called the end boxes. We would roll a marble down to see where it would land. I always remembered this toy, and as a matter of fact, so does my brother.  I made another version of this game called "The Marvelous Marble Race."

What I usually wanted to do, when making a game, is to have it multipurpose..that is
have  several games using the same materials.

I think it is important to realize that for young children, play is their work. These days, most unfortunately, children are pushed into the academics too soon.  They will learn the academics when they are ready, and that readiness time varies from child to child. The latest educational philosophy seems to be veering away from this concept.

I hope that you enjoy this blog, and perhaps, make some of the toys and games for a special child in your life.

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Coming soon:
 Anyone's Guess (coming soon)-studying for tests
 Felt and Magnetic Board games(coming soon)
a) Sentence Scramble and other linguistic games for reading skills


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